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A combined interpretation of cosmic ray light nuclei and antiproton measurements 48
A consistent interpretation of recent CR nuclei and electron spectra 46
A Combined Interpretation of CR Nuclei and Antiproton High Energy Measurements 44
Atmospheric neutrinos and the knee of the cosmic ray spectrum 32
Signature of Energy Losses on the Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum 20
Cosmic-ray antinuclei as messengers of new physics: status and outlook for the new decade 20
AMS-02 beryllium data and its implication for cosmic ray transport 19
Sensitivity of the Cherenkov Telescope Array for probing cosmology and fundamental physics with gamma-ray propagation 18
Galactic factories of cosmic-ray electrons and positrons 18
Galactic cosmic rays after the AMS-02 observations 14
Secondary antiprotons as a Galactic Dark Matter probe 14
Origin of the Cosmic Ray Galactic Halo Driven by Advected Turbulence and Self-Generated Waves 14
Common Solution to the Cosmic Ray Anisotropy and Gradient Problems 14
Sensitivity of the Cherenkov Telescope Array to a dark matter signal from the Galactic centre 14
Cosmic ray electrons, positrons and the synchrotron emission of the Galaxy: consistent analysis and implications 13
Cosmic-ray propagation with DRAGON2: I. numerical solver and astrophysical ingredients 13
Cosmic microwave background constraints on light dark matter candidates 12
Cosmic ray nuclei, antiprotons and gamma rays in the galaxy: a new diffusion model 12
Blazar VHE spectral alterations induced by photon-ALP oscillations 12
Radial distribution of the diffuse gamma-ray emissivity in the Galactic disk 12
Constraining warm dark matter with high-z supernova lensing 12
Dark Matter effects on high-redshift universe 12
Unveiling the nature of dark matter with high redshift 21 cm line experiments 12
The origin of Galactic cosmic rays: Challenges to the standard paradigm 12
Gamma-ray and neutrino diffuse emission of the Galaxy above the TeV 11
Cosmic Ray Propagation in Galactic Turbulence 11
Expectations for high energy diffuse galactic neutrinos for different cosmic ray distributions 11
Galactic electron and positron properties from cosmic ray and radio observations 11
An alternative solution to the gamma-ray Gradient problem 11
Cosmic ray propagation with CRPropa 3 11
The Galactic Center GeV excess from a series of leptonic cosmic-ray outbursts 11
Cosmogenic neutrinos and gamma-rays and the redshift evolution of UHECR sources 10
Discovery of the supernova remnant G351.0-5.4 10
Constraints on dark matter annihilations from diffuse gamma-ray emission in the Galaxy 10
Cosmic-ray propagation with DRAGON2: II. Nuclear interactions with the interstellar gas 10
Turbulence in the intergalactic medium 10
A signature of anisotropic cosmic-ray transport in the gamma-ray sky 10
Diffuse neutrino and gamma-ray emissions of the galaxy above the TeV 10
The nature of dark matter from the global high-redshift H I 21 cm signal 10
Reionization during the dark ages from a cosmic axion background 10
The HI content of local late-type galaxies 10
The puzzling origin of the Li-6 plateau 10
Novel aspects of cosmic ray diffusion in synthetic magnetic turbulence 10
Two phase galaxy formation: the gas content of normal galaxies 9
Unified interpretation of cosmic ray nuclei and antiproton recent measurements 9
Particle energy cascade in the intergalactic medium 9
PAMELA and AMS-02 e+ and e- spectra are reproduced by three-dimensional cosmic-ray modeling 9
Energy deposition by weakly interacting massive particles: a comprehensive study 9
Antiprotons from dark matter annihilation in the Galaxy: Astrophysical uncertainties 9
Do cosmic rays heat the early intergalactic medium? 9
Revisiting the SN1987A gamma-ray limit on ultralight axion-like particles 9
A unified solution to the anisotropy and gradient problems 9
Three dimensional modeling of CR propagation 9
Cosmic Ray propagation in the Galaxy and diffuse gamma-ray emission 9
Diffuse synchrotron emission from galactic cosmic ray electrons 9
Diffuse Galactic Gamma Rays at Intermediate and High Latitudes, Constraints on ISM Properties 9
Self-generated cosmic-ray confinement in TeV halos: Implications for TeV γ -ray emission and the positron excess 8
Two-phase galaxy formation: the evolutionary properties of galaxies 8
Diffuse gamma emission of the Galaxy from cosmic rays 8
Three-Dimensional Model of Cosmic-Ray Lepton Propagation Reproduces Data from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station 8
CRPropa 3.0 - a Public Framework for Propagating UHE Cosmic Rays through Galactic and Extragalactic Space 8
CRPropa: A public framework to propagate UHECRs in the universe 7
Diffuse galactic gamma rays at intermediate and high latitudes. I. Constraints on the ISM properties 7
Implications of the cosmic ray electron spectrum and anisotropy measured with Fermi-LAT 7
Simulating intergalactic quasar scintillation 7
Simulating the Galactic multi-messenger emissions with HERMES 5
Turbulent axion-photon conversions in the Milky Way 4
Intermediate-mass and heavy Galactic cosmic-ray nuclei: The case of new AMS-02 measurements 3
Stochastic nature of Galactic cosmic-ray sources 3
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