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Method to determine the effective zeta potential in a microchannel with an embedded gate electrode 1-gen-2011 Lenzi, A; Viola, F; Bonotto, F; Frey, J; Napoli, M; Pennathur, S
Linear stability analysis of wind turbine wakes performed on wind tunnel measurements 1-gen-2013 Iungo, Gv; Viola, F; Camarri, S; Porte-Agel, F; Gallaire, F
Prediction of the hub vortex instability in a wind turbine wake: stability analysis with eddy-viscosity models calibrated on wind tunnel data 1-gen-2014 Viola, F; Iungo, Gv; Camarri, S; Porte-Agel, F; Gallaire, F
Data-driven RANS for simulations of large wind farms 1-gen-2015 Iungo, Gv; Viola, F; Ciri, U; Rotea, Ma; Leonardi, S
Effects of incoming wind condition and wind turbine aerodynamics on the hub vortex instability 1-gen-2015 Ashton, R; Viola, F; Gallaire, F; Iungo, Gv
Instability of wind turbine wakes immersed in the atmospheric boundary layer 1-gen-2015 Viola, F; Iungo, Gv; Camarri, S; Porte-Agel, F; Gallaire, F
Mode selection in trailing vortices: harmonic response of the non-parallel Batchelor vortex 1-gen-2016 Viola, F; Arratia, C; Gallaire, F
Hub vortex instability within wind turbine wakes: Effects of wind turbulence, loading conditions, and blade aerodynamics 1-gen-2016 Ashton, R; Viola, F; Camarri, S; Gallaire, F; Iungo, Gv
Reduced order model for optimization of power production from a wind farm 1-gen-2016 Iungo, Giacomo Valerio; Viola, Francesco; Ciri, Umberto; Leonardi, Stefano; Rotea, Mario
Foam on troubled water: Capillary induced finite-time arrest of sloshing waves 1-gen-2016 Viola, F; Brun, Pt; Dollet, B; Gallaire, F
Flow control of weakly non-parallel flows: Application to trailing vortices 1-gen-2017 Viola, F.; Pezzica, E.; Iungo, G. V.; Gallaire, F.; Camarri, S.
The viscous torsional pendulum 1-gen-2017 Viola, F; Gallaire, F
Sloshing in a Hele-Shaw cell: experiments and theory 1-gen-2017 Viola, F; Gallaire, F; Dollet, B
Parabolic RANS solver for low-computational-cost simulations of wind turbine wakes 1-gen-2018 Iungo, Gv; Santhanagopalan, V; Ciri, U; Viola, F; Zhan, L; Rotea, Ma; Leonardi, S
Suppression of von Kármán vortex streets past porous rectangular cylinders 1-gen-2018 Ledda, P. G.; Siconolfi, L.; Viola, F.; Gallaire, F.; Camarri, S.
Capillary hysteresis in sloshing dynamics: aweakly nonlinear analysis 1-gen-2018 Viola, F; Brun, Pt; Gallaire, F
Theoretical framework to analyze the combined effect of surface tension and viscosity on the damping rate of sloshing waves 1-gen-2018 Viola, Francesco; Gallaire, François
Modeling mitral valve stenosis: A parametric study on the stenosis severity level 1-gen-2019 Meschini, Valentina; Viola, Francesco; Verzicco, Roberto
Left Ventricular Hemodynamics with an Implanted Assist Device: An In Vitro Fluid Dynamics Study 1-gen-2019 Viola, Francesco; Jermyn, Elizabeth; Warnock, James; Querzoli, Giorgio; Verzicco, Roberto
Flow dynamics of a dandelion pappus: A linear stability approach 1-gen-2019 Ledda, P. G.; Siconolfi, L.; Viola, F.; Camarri, S.; Gallaire, F.
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