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(B+L) conserving nucleon decays in supersymmetric models 1-gen-1995 Vissani, F
CP violating decays in leptogenesis scenarios 1-gen-1996 Covi, L; Roulet, E; Vissani, F
Low-energy implications of minimal superstring unification 1-gen-1996 Khalil, S; Masiero, A; Vissani, F
Large R-parity violating couplings and grand unification 1-gen-1996 SMIRNOV A., Yu; Vissani, F
Upper bound on all products of R-parity violating couplings lambda-prime and lambda-prime-prime from proton decay 1-gen-1996 SMIRNOV A., Yu; Vissani, F
The Beta spectrum in presence of background potentials for neutrinos 1-gen-1997 Vissani, F
The Supersymmetric prediction for the muon transverse polarization in the K+ ---> pi0 mu+ muon-neutrino decay 1-gen-1997 Fabbrichesi, M; Vissani, F
Finite temperature effects on CP violating asymmetries 1-gen-1998 Covi, L; Rius, N; Roulet, E; Vissani, F
Neutral to charged current events ratio in atmospheric neutrinos and neutrino oscillations 1-gen-1998 Vissani, F; SMIRNOV A., Yu
Large mixing, family structure, and dominant block in the neutrino mass matrix 1-gen-1998 Vissani, F
On the CP asymmetries in Majorana neutrino decays 1-gen-1998 Roulet, E; Covi, L; Vissani, F
Correlation between neutrino oscillations and collider signals of supersymmetry in an R-parity violating model 1-gen-1998 Mukhopadhyaya, B; Roy, S; Vissani, F
Do experiments suggest a hierarchy problem? Francesco Vissani 1-gen-1998 Vissani, F
Signal of neutrinoless double beta decay, neutrino spectrum and oscillation scenarios 1-gen-1999 Vissani, F
Neutrino mixing and the pattern of supersymmetry breaking 1-gen-1999 Buchmuller, W; Delepine, D; Vissani, F
Proposal to look for an up / down asymmetry in atmospheric neutrinos beyond multi-GeV region with existing experimental data 1-gen-1999 Dugad, S; Vissani, F
Tevatron signatures of an R-parity violating supersymmetric theory 1-gen-2000 Datta, A; Mukhopadhyaya, B; Vissani, F
What is the standard model of elementary particles and why we have to modify it 1-gen-2000 Vissani, F
Charm production by cosmic muons 1-gen-2000 Vissani, F
Indirect bounds on Z ---> muon e and lepton flavor violation at future colliders 1-gen-2001 Delepine, D; Vissani, F
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 114
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