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How much does randomness help with locally checkable problems? 1-gen-2020 Balliu, Alkida; Brandt, Sebastian; Olivetti, Dennis; Suomela, Jukka
How place-sensitive are the national recovery and resilience plans? 1-gen-2022 Carrosio, Giovanni; Cicerone, Gloria; Faggian, Alessandra; Urso, Giulia
How precisely can neutrino emission from supernova remnants be constrained by gamma ray observations? 1-gen-2008 VILLANTE F., L; Vissani, F
How to Gather Asynchronous Oblivious Robots on Anonymous Rings 1-gen-2012 D'Angelo, G; Di Stefano, Gabriele; Navarra, Alfredo
How to Survive while Visiting a Graph 1-gen-2000 Arbib, Claudio; Flammini, Michele; Nardelli, E.
Hub vortex instability within wind turbine wakes: Effects of wind turbulence, loading conditions, and blade aerodynamics 1-gen-2016 Ashton, R; Viola, F; Camarri, S; Gallaire, F; Iungo, Gv
Human adaptations in food, energy and water systems 1-gen-2016 Irwin, E; Campbell, J; Wilson, R; Faggian, A; Moore, R; Irwin, N
Human Capital and Regional Development 1-gen-2009 Faggian, A; Mccann, P
Human capital and the new geography of jobs 1-gen-2017 Cattani, Luca; Guidetti, Giovanni; Pedrini, Giulio
Human capital flows and regional knowledge assets: a simultaneous equation approach 1-gen-2006 Faggian, A; Mccann, P
Human Capital in Remote and Rural Australia: The Role of Graduate Migration 1-gen-2010 Corcoran, J; Faggian, A; Mccann, P
“Human capital migration and salaries: an examination of US college graduates” 1-gen-2017 Faggian, A; Corcoran, J; Franklin, R
Human Capital Redistribution in the USA: The Migration of the College-bound 1-gen-2014 Faggian, A; Franklin, Rs
Human capital, graduate migration and innovation in British regions 1-gen-2009 Faggian, A; Mccann, P
Human capital, higher migration: An analysis students education and graduate of Scottish and Welsh students 1-gen-2007 Faggian, A; Mccann, P; Sheppard, S
Hydrodynamic limit for a chain with thermal and mechanical boundary forces 1-gen-2021 Komorowski, Tomasz; Olla, Stefano; Simon, Marielle
Hydrodynamic Limit for a Disordered Harmonic Chain 1-gen-2019 Bernardin, Cedric; Bernardin, Cedric; Huveneers, Francois; Olla, S
Hydrodynamic Limit for a Hamiltonian System with Boundary Conditions and Conservative Noise 1-gen-2014 Braxmeier-Even, Nadine; Olla, Stefano
Hydrodynamic limit for an anharmonic chain under boundary tension 1-gen-2018 Marchesani, S; Olla, S
Mostrati risultati da 1.808 a 1.827 di 5.013
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