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Evaluating the additionality of innovation policy. A review focused on the behavioural dimension 1-gen-2012 Antonioli, D; Marzucchi, A
Regional Innovation Policy and Innovative Behaviour: Looking for Additional Effects 1-gen-2014 Antonioli, D.; Marzucchi, A.; Montresor, S.
Absorptive Capacity, Proximity in Cooperation and Integration Mechanisms. Empirical Evidence from CIS Data 1-gen-2014 Franco, C.; Marzucchi, A.; Montresor, S.
Green tangible investment strategies and export performance: A firm-level investigation 1-gen-2014 Antonietti, Roberto; Marzucchi, Alberto
Industry-research co-operation within and across regional boundaries. What does innovation policy add? 1-gen-2015 Marzucchi, A; Antonioli, D; Montresor, S
The open eco-innovation mode. An empirical investigation of eleven European countries 1-gen-2015 Ghisetti, C; Marzucchi, A; Montresor, S
SMEs and barriers to eco-innovation in the EU: exploring different firm profiles 1-gen-2015 Marin, G; Marzucchi, A; Zoboli, R
The multi-dimensional additionality of innovation policies: a multi-level application to Italy and Spain 1-gen-2015 Marzucchi, Alberto; Montresor, Sandro
Do green jobs differ from non-green jobs in terms of skills and human capital? 1-gen-2016 Consoli, D; Marin, G; Marzucchi, A; Vona, F
Forms of knowledge and eco-innovation modes: Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms 1-gen-2017 Marzucchi, Alberto; Montresor, Sandro
Pain shared, pain halved? Cooperation as a coping strategy for innovation barriers 1-gen-2017 Antonioli, D; Marzucchi, A; Savona, M
The Effect of R&D Growth on Employment and Self-Employment in Local Labour Markets 1-gen-2018 Ciarli, T; Marzucchi, A; Salgado, E; Savona, M
Exploring and yet failing less: learning from past and current exploration in R&D 1-gen-2018 D'Este, P; Marzucchi, A; Rentocchini, F
‘Better late than never’: the interplay between green technology and age for firm growth 1-gen-2019 Leoncini, R; Marzucchi, A; Montresor, S; Rentocchini, F; Rizzo, U
Knowledge sources and impacts on subsequent inventions: Do green technologies differ from non-green ones? 1-gen-2020 Barbieri, N; Marzucchi, A; Rizzo, U
Resilience, Performance and Strategies in Firms’ Reactions to the Direct and Indirect Effects of a Natural Disaster 1-gen-2021 Antonioli, Davide; Marzucchi, Alberto; Modica, Marco
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