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Toward the Fourier law for a weakly interacting anharmonic crystal 1-gen-2012 Liverani, Carlangelo; Olla, Stefano
Macroscopic energy diffusion for a chain of anharmonic oscillators 1-gen-2012 Olla, Stefano; Sasada, Makiko
Hydrodynamic Limit for a Hamiltonian System with Boundary Conditions and Conservative Noise 1-gen-2014 Braxmeier-Even, Nadine; Olla, Stefano
Quasi-Static Hydrodynamic Limits 1-gen-2015 De Masi, Anna; Olla, Stefano
Green-Kubo Formula for Weakly Coupled Systems with Noise 1-gen-2015 Bernardin, Cédric; Huveneers, François; Lebowitz, Joel L.; Liverani, Carlangelo; Olla, Stefano
Superdiffusion of Energy in a Chain of Harmonic Oscillators with Noise 1-gen-2015 Jara, Milton; Komorowski, Tomasz; Olla, Stefano
Ballistic and superdiffusive scales in the macroscopic evolution of a chain of oscillators 1-gen-2016 Komorowski, Tomasz; Olla, Stefano
Diffusive Propagation of Energy in a Non-acoustic Chain 1-gen-2017 Komorowski, Tomasz; Olla, Stefano
Nonequilibrium isothermal transformations in a temperature gradient from a microscopic dynamics 1-gen-2017 Letizia, Viviana; Olla, S
Macroscopic evolution of mechanical and thermal energy in a harmonic chain with random flip of velocities 1-gen-2018 Komorowski, Tomasz; Olla, Stefano; Simon, Marielle
Hydrodynamic limit for an anharmonic chain under boundary tension 1-gen-2018 Marchesani, S; Olla, S
Exceedingly large deviations of the totally asymmetric exclusion process 1-gen-2019 Olla, S; Tsai, Li-Cheng
A Note on Fick’s Law with Phase Transitions 1-gen-2019 De Masi, Anna; Olla, Stefano; Presutti, Errico
Role of conserved quantities in Fourier's law for diffusive mechanical systems 1-gen-2019 Olla, Stefano
Diffusion limit for a kinetic equation with a thermostatted interface 1-gen-2019 Basile, Giada; Komorowski, Tomasz; Olla, Stefano
Transport of a quantum particle in a time-dependent white-noise potential 1-gen-2019 Hislop, Peter D.; Kirkpatrick, Kay; Olla, Stefano; Schenker, Jeffrey
Hydrodynamic Limit for a Disordered Harmonic Chain 1-gen-2019 Bernardin, Cedric; Bernardin, Cedric; Huveneers, Francois; Olla, S
Interface Fluctuations in Non Equilibrium Stationary States: The SOS Approximation 1-gen-2020 De, Masi; Anna, Merola; Immacolata, ; Olla, S
Subdiffusion in One-Dimensional Hamiltonian Chains with Sparse Interactions 1-gen-2020 De, Roeck; Wojciech, Huveneers; Francois, ; Olla, S
Quasi-static large deviations 1-gen-2020 De Masi, Anna; Olla, Stefano
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 25
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