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Eulerian calculus for the displacement convexity in the Wasserstein distance 1-gen-2008 Daneri, S; Savare', G
The Disintegration of the Lebesgue Measure on the Faces of a Convex Function 1-gen-2010 Caravenna, L; Daneri, S
Variational models for the incompressible Euler equations 1-gen-2013 Figalli, Alessio; Daneri, S
Cauchy Problem for Dissipative Hölder Solutions to the Incompressible Euler Equations 1-gen-2014 Daneri, S
Smooth approximation of bi-Lipschitz orientation-preserving homeomorphisms 1-gen-2014 Pratelli, Aldo; Daneri, S
Lecture notes on gradient flows and optimal transport 1-gen-2014 Daneri, S; Savare', Giuseppe
A planar bi-Lipschitz extension theorem 1-gen-2015 Pratelli, Aldo; Daneri, S
Non-uniqueness and h-Principle for Hölder-Continuous Weak Solutions of the Euler Equations 1-gen-2017 Daneri, S; Szekelyhidi Laszlo, Jr
On Sudakov's type decomposition of transference plans with norm costs 1-gen-2018 Bianchini, Stefano; Daneri, S
Pattern formation for a family of models with local/nonlocal interactions 1-gen-2018 Daneri, S; Runa, E
On the symmetry breaking and structure of the minimizers for a family of local/nonlocal interaction functionals 1-gen-2019 Daneri, S; Runa, E
Exact periodic stripes for minimizers of a local/nonlocal interaction functional in general dimension 1-gen-2019 Daneri, S; Runa, Eris
Pattern Formation for a Local/Nonlocal Interaction Functional Arising in Colloidal Systems 1-gen-2020 Daneri, Sara; Runa, Eris
Numerical solution of Monge--Kantorovich equations via a dynamic formulation 1-gen-2020 Facca, Enrico; Daneri, Sara; Cardin, Franco; Putti, Mario
Non-uniqueness for the Euler equations up to Onsager’s critical exponent 1-gen-2021 Daneri, Sara; Runa, Eris; Sz('e)kelyhidi, L('a)szl('o)
One-dimensionality of the minimizers in the large volume limit for a diffuse interface attractive/repulsive model in general dimension 1-gen-2022 Daneri, Sara; Runa, Eris
Deterministic particle approximation of aggregation-diffusion equations on unbounded domains 1-gen-2022 Daneri, Sara; Radici, Emanuela; Runa, Eris
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 17 di 17
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