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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Towards a library of composable models to estimate the performance of security solutions 1-gen-2008 Cortellessa, V; Trubiani, C
SMILE - Simple Middleware Independent LayEr for distributed mobile applications 1-gen-2008 Bartolomeo, G; Salsano, S; Melazzi, Nb; Trubiani, C
Approaching the model-driven generation of feedback to remove software performance flaws 1-gen-2009 Cortellessa, V; Di Marco, A; Eramo, R; Pierantonio, A; Trubiani, C
Performance antipatterns as logical predicates 1-gen-2010 Cortellessa, V; Di Marco, A; Trubiani, C
A process to effectively identify "guilty" performance antipatterns 1-gen-2010 Cortellessa, V; Martens, A; Reussner, R; Trubiani, C
A model-based framework for software performance feedback 1-gen-2010 Trubiani, C
Towards the identification of "guilty" performance antipatterns 1-gen-2010 Cortellessa, V; Martens, A; Reussner, R; Trubiani, C
Digging into UML models to remove performance antipatterns 1-gen-2010 Cortellessa, Vittorio; Marco Antinisca, Di; Eramo, Romina; Pierantonio, Alfonso; Trubiani, Catia
An architectural framework for analyzing tradeoffs between software security and performance 1-gen-2010 Cortellessa, V; Trubiani, C; Mostarda, L; Dulay, N
Detection and solution of software performance antipatterns in Palladio architectural models 1-gen-2011 Trubiani, C; Koziolek, A
Providing lightweight and adaptable service technology for information and communication (PLASTIC) in the mobile eHealth case study 1-gen-2012 Autili, M; Berardinelli, L; Di Ruscio, D; Trubiani, C
Software performance antipatterns: Modeling and analysis 1-gen-2012 Cortellessa, V; Di Marco, A; Trubiani, C
VISION as a support to cognitive behavioural systems 1-gen-2012 Berardinelli, L; Cassioli, D; Di Marco, A; Esposito, A; Riviello, M. T.; Trubiani, C
Fault-tolerant techniques and security mechanisms for model-based performance prediction of critical systems 1-gen-2012 Rodríguez, R. J.; Trubiani, C; Merseguer, J
Enabling performance antipatterns to arise from an ADL-based software architecture 1-gen-2012 Cortellessa, V; De Sanctis, M; Di Marco, A; Trubiani, C; DE SANCTIS, Martina
Antipattern-based model refactoring for software performance improvement 1-gen-2012 Arcelli, D; Cortellessa, V; Trubiani, C
A deep investigation for QoS-based feedback at design time and runtime 1-gen-2012 Mirandola, R; Trubiani, C
Experimenting the Influence of Numerical Thresholds on Model-based Detection and Refactoring of Performance Antipatterns 1-gen-2013 Arcelli, D; Cortellessa, V; Trubiani, C
Model-based performance analysis of software architectures under uncertainty 1-gen-2013 Trubiani, C; Meedeniya, I; Cortellessa, V; Aleti, A; Grunske, L
Towards a methodology driven by relationships of quality attributes for QoS-based analysis 1-gen-2013 Becker, S; Happe, L; Mirandola, R; Trubiani, C
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 93
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